Three Budget-Friendly Camera Strap Options

Three Budget Friendly Camera Strap Options image

Inexpensive camera straps are pretty hard to come by in general, but especially with all of the supply chain disruptions happening thanks to covid.

Thankfully, my favorite camera strap creator, Holdfast, hasn’t had their production interrupted at all. While I’m usually talking up Holdfast gear straps, I thought it would be prudent to discuss a few options that they are turning out for the holidays right now.

Each budget-friendly camera strap on this list is under $100. Moreover, each budget-friendly camera strap on this list is customizable in some small way.

Finally, like all Holdfast leather gear, every budget-friendly camera strap mentioned here comes with a lifetime guarantee. So, not only will they cost you under $100 up front, but you’ll actually never need to buy another camera strap like it again.

HF Classic Strap

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The is the most expensive leather camera strap on this list, and yet it’s still under $100.

The HF Classic Strap is made out of American bison leather and is overall a very traditional camera strap. It comes in two widths, the skinny (which is ½”) or the wide (which is 1”), depending upon how heavy your camera is.

It also comes in a few different lengths: 38”-52”. This means that you will be able to find a length that works for you, no matter how tall you are.

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All of the hardware on this strap is stainless steel, so you don’t need to worry about shooting in bad weather because it will never rust.

Another cool thing about the HF Classic Strap is the fact that it is designed to protect your camera. Whereas a lot of cheap camera straps may have hardware that will hurt your camera, the HF Classic Strap features a leather shroud that protects your camera from the stainless steel hardware.

You can also customize this strap with different coloring. It comes in classic options like chestnut or tan, but it also comes in more tantalizing colors like burgundy.

Importantly, regardless of which width and length you choose, you can expect to pay $95 for this strap, making it a great budget-friendly camera strap.

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Bolo Strap

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If you’re looking for a slightly more interesting budget-friendly camera strap, then the Bolo Strap may be a good option for you.

The Bolo Strap isn’t designed to be worn over your shoulders, like the HF Classic is. Instead, it is designed to easily slip onto your wrist or around your neck for point and shoot photographers.

I like my Bolo Strap because it makes it a whole lot more likely that I will be able to shoot with my camera wherever I go. I keep my Bolo Strap in my car so that I’m never without a camera strap.

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Importantly, since the Bolo Strap is such a basic budget-friendly camera strap, it is only designed for lighter and smaller cameras. If you’re a mirrorless shooter, then it is perfect for you. However, if you never go anywhere without your DSLR and large lenses to match, then there is probably a better option for you.

The Bolo Strap also comes in a variety of colors, like the HF Classic, including tan, black, and burgundy.

If you opt for the wristlet, you’ll spend $45 on this strap. If you instead want the Bolo Strap that fits around your neck, you’ll spend $55.

Camera Leash

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The final budget-friendly camera strap on this list is the Camera Leash.

The Camera Leash is designed as a classic and easy to use leather wrist strap, with a few extra tricks.

The Camera Leash is made out of the same American bison leather that every Holdfast leather product is. It also features stainless steel hardware for shooting in wetter weather.

While you can use it as a leather wrist strap, you can also use it alongside a MoneyMaker harness. It attaches to your MoneyMaker so that you can carry a third camera (on top of the two the MoneyMaker already carries).

If you don’t own a MoneyMaker, then you can also use the Camera Leash to secure your keys to your camera bag, to bring a water bottle with you, or to steady your gear while you’re out hiking or exploring.

The Camera Leash comes in tan, chestnut, black or burgundy and will cost you $45.

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