Travel Photography With the Nikon Z7


Travel Photography With the Nikon Z7 image

Is the Nikon Z7 a perfect camera for travel photography? No. Is it one of the best cameras for travel photography? Absolutely!

On the positive side, the camera handles well, is easy to use, and has a killer combination of fantastic sensor, fast and accurate autofocus, epic low-light performance, and ultra-sharp EVF and touchscreen LCD.

I found the battery life to be even better than what Nikon claims, so that was a happy bonus while having this rig with me on long days of shooting as I traveled.

On the downside, the Z7 isn’t as small or lightweight as other mirrorless cameras, which could be of concern for some travel photographers. 

Of greater concern is the point I mentioned just above – the Z7 takes too long to wake up, so you will inevitably miss some shots if it’s been off for awhile.

However, the benefits of this camera for travel photography far outweigh the detriments. If you’re looking to upgrade your kit with a capable, all-around camera for travel photography, this could be the one for you.

In fact, this camera isn’t limited to just this one type of photography. It’s great for landscapes, portraits, action photography – you name it!

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