Should You Buy a Nikon D850 in 2021?

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Since the camera came out four years ago, though, you can find it highly discounted online. For instance, the used Nikon D850 price on MPB right now starts at $2,069.

This would allow you to take that extra $1,300 you would have spent on this camera in 2017 and put it towards some new lenses.

Plus, MPB is an awesome site for buying all of your used cameras off of because their rating system is actually accurate. If you buy a used Nikon D850 in excellent condition, it will actually show up at your front door that way, since MPB hires photographers to rate every piece of equipment they buy and sell.

For a list of other reasons why you should shop all of your used cameras with MPB, you can read the MPB Review in the learn more links below.

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