How to Master Family Portraits

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All of the canvas prints that CanvasHQ makes last for over a century. That means you can sell your canvas prints as family heirlooms, since they will likely be passed from generation to generation.

I personally like working with CanvasHQ both because of the quality of their materials and because of the quality of their customer service. When you’re upcharging your clients for specific physical items, you need to make sure that those items get to your clients when you say they will.

I’ve had issues working with other canvas printing companies in the past, but CanvasHQ has a countdown on their website which tells you exactly how long it will take them to make your print if you sent it in today.

Plus, if they ever do encounter any problems (like shortages during the pandemic), they are sure to communicate that to you quickly and efficiently so you don’t leave your clients hanging. What’s not to like about that?!

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