5 Essential Beginner Photography Tips

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Online groups for discussing photography in all its different aspects and genres are everywhere and most of them are free to join and participate. You might also be able to join a local group for in person meet ups.

One thing to be careful of, some groups may have developed a reputation for being kind of abrasive with their “helpful critique” and this can discourage some beginner photographers. Thankfully, most groups I’ve seen have moderation to filter out the less helpful members or keep them in check.

Discussing photography with other enthusiasts of various experience and skill levels is good for everyone involved. There are a lot of technical factors to keep track of in photography techniques and methods but this is an artform, too, so discussions can be very beneficial for a newcomer looking for more beginner photography tips.

I like to think that the forum we host here on PhotographyTalk.com is a pretty good example of a fun place to discuss photography. Sign up for free and join a chat!

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