Best Sony Cameras for Portraits

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Speaking of focusing, the a7R III has an ultra-fast hybrid autofocus system. Using 425 contrast-detect points and 399 phase-detect points, this camera can easily track a moving subject for beautiful action portraits.

See how the a7R III handles a portrait shoot in the video above by Manny Ortiz. 

The only issue with the a7R III is that it is spendy. At $2,798.00, it’s a serious investment, though you can often find well-cared-for used a7R III cameras for much less.

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So, while the a6500 doesn’t have the same resolution, ISO performance, or autofocus system of its big brother, it still has a weather-sealed body, 5-axis image stabilization for shooting handheld, and eye-detect autofocus as well. All that for a new price of $1,198.00 or a used price of $849.00.

Get more details about the Sony a6500 in the video above by Gear Glasses & Gadgets.

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In fact, the a6000’s autofocus system is fast, accurate, and has the same eye-detect autofocusing capabilities of the more expensive cameras outlined above.

Best of all, you can find a used Sony a6000 for barely over $300.00, so it’s by far the least expensive portrait camera on this list. 

From just $300.00 to nearly $3,000.00, now you have four solid choices for the best Sony cameras for portraits.

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